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Best Brunch In Milwaukee: Wimmer Maintenance Staff Picks

Best Brunch In Milwaukee: Wimmer Maintenance Staff Picks

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Brunch (noun) – a late morning meal eaten instead of breakfast and lunch.

Brunch has grown in popularity over the years, most recently the Millennial generation has taken brunch to a new level. But all generations can agree that brunch is best when shared with friends. Until the virus has passed and we’re free to socialize at will, brunch takeout is a delicious option. And just as police officers know where the best donuts are in town, so our Wimmer maintenance staff knows where the best brunch is in Milwaukee. No matter if you’re new to the Milwaukee area or a long time resident ready to try something new, check out these restaurant recommendations and thank us later!

Mad Rooster – Steve Jaeckle – Wimmer Project Manager, Shane Wagner – Rivershire Apartments

Mad Rooster has been voted one of the “Best Brunches in Milwaukee” by Thrillist, the online media website that covers food, drink, travel and entertainment. It’s an “offbeat eatery with a farm motif providing global-inspired gourmet bites.” Steve Jaeckle likes “offbeat” and recommends the Mad Rooster breakfast burrito. Shane Wagner also loves the breakfast burrito, but he takes his with a side of fruit.

Mad Rooster
4401 W. Greenfield in Milwaukee
Socially-distanced dine-in, online ordering, carry-out, curbside pickup or delivery (Doordash, Grubhub, Ubereats)


The Original Pancake HouseJack DeLeon – The Club at Brookfield Hills Apartments and Shane McCubbin – Poplar Creek Apartments

The Original Pancake House is located in a classic farmhouse right around the corner from

Honey Butter – David Daemmrich – Parkside Apartments

Honey Butter offers a farm-to-table experience in Franklin, with a new location coming to Brookfield as well. Their specialty is loukoumades, a honey-covered Greek donut hole served at the first Olympic Games in 776 b.c. More recently, David Daemmrich enjoyed the classic filet mignon medallions with eggs and highly recommends it to you.

Honey Butter
7221 S. 76th Street in Franklin and COMING SOON to Brookfield!
Socially-distance dine-in, carry-out, curbside pickup and delivery


Mimosa – David Appleton – The Sanctuary Apartments

Mimosa serves an award-winning brunch, not just according to David Appleton, but also Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Readers who voted this brunch hot spot “Milwaukee’s Top Choice Best Brunch.” It is also on Thrillist’s list of “Best Brunches in Milwaukee.” Mimosa takes your brunch favorites and “serves them with a twist.” They even pour a custom Mimosa blend of Colectivo Coffee. David Appleton recommends the pancakes, sausage, and hash browns with cheese and onions. Yum!

275 Regency Court in Brookfield and 9405 S. 25th Street in Franklin
Socially-distanced dine-in, online ordering, curbside pickup or delivery (Doordash)


Each of Wimmer’s communities is within easy driving distance to these delicious brunch options in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. Contact us to schedule an in-person or virtual tour of our properties today!

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