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What to expect when Applying for a Wimmer Community

What to Expect When Applying for a Wimmer Community

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In the old days, filling out an application for an apartment could give a person writer’s cramp! But thankfully, now the entire process can be completed electronically at most of our communities. Follow these easy steps to complete the process in 20 minutes or less. For more information, please review Wimmer Communities Rental Qualification Standards and Application Guidelines before you begin.


Step 1: Gather All Required Information

  • ID with full name and date of birth (forms of ID that qualify are state issued identification, driver’s license, government ID or passport)
  • Social security number
  • Employment information and most recent pay stub, if applicable
  • Income
  • Rental history, if applicable
  • Most recent bank statement/s

**Please note: if you have roommates, all of you will need to complete your applications within the same 24-hour period to ensure they are processed together.


Step 2: Begin your Application

  • If the leasing consultant sent you a personalized link via email, please proceed using that link. Otherwise, access our Applicant Portal by clicking on the “APPLICANT PORTAL” box in the top right corner of the Wimmer Communities website or simply click here: APPLICANT PORTAL

  • Next, click “Register Now”

  • Start your application by filling out your basic information, making sure to use your full legal name exactly as it appears on your ID. When your information is complete, click “CREATE MY ACCOUNT.” 
  • Within two minutes, you will receive a link to complete the ID verification process. If you clicked the text message box, this link will be texted. If you did not, this link will be emailed. The application can be completed on a cellphone, tablet, or computer with a camera.


Step 3: Photograph your ID

  • Click the ID photo link
  • Follow the prompts to photograph the front and back of your ID


  • Place your ID on a clean, plain light-colored background
  • Don’t use a flash
  • Be sure to include all 4 corners of your ID within the photo box
  • Use an updated/upgraded device, if possible


Step 4: Photograph “Your-selfie”

  • Click the photo verification link on your cellphone
  • Take a clear photo of yourself without glasses or anything covering your head


  • Don’t use a flash
  • Be sure there are no obstructions
  • Don’t double-click
  • Wait for each page to load (may take up to 20 seconds)


Step 5: Read and Complete the Application


  • After your ID has been verified, you may access the application
  • Read the application carefully
  • If there is anything you are unsure about, reach out to the leasing team for clarification
  • Fill out your application
    • Best user experience may be on full computer screen
    • Follow prompts, providing honest and accurate information
    • Review entries before submitting
    • Click “Submit” when you’re finished
  • After your application is completed, you will be asked to pay your non-refundable application fee
    • Pay by debit, credit, or EFT (link your bank account electronically)


Step 6: Final Steps – Upon Approval

  • Your approved application requires a security deposit within 24-hours of approval
    • You will be directed to log back into the Applicant Portal to complete this transaction
    • Pay by debit, credit, or EFT (link your bank account electronically)


Welcome to Wimmer Communities!

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