Wimmer Communities Apartment Guide to Dog Owning

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Owning a dog takes commitment and responsibility, especially with indoor living spaces and limited outdoor time. Sharing all the same pet amenities with many others can be challenging. These four tips may help you and your pup make your apartment life together more comfortable.

  1. Select your breed

There are many apartment communities which restrict dogs based on breed.  Whether or not your dog is the best mannered and most highly trained example of the breed, overcoming social misconceptions about certain dogs can be an insurmountable task. Find out beforehand what breeds are allowed in your apartment community before bringing home a pup who will not be welcomed.

  1. Size may matter (or it may not!)

In addition to breed restrictions, some apartment communities may have size restrictions for dogs. Realistically, size is another factor to consider when living with a dog in an apartment. Some large dogs, like Great Danes, with their lazy and mellow personalities, do better living in an apartment when compared to their hyper-active counterparts like the small, high-energy dogs who become bored or lonely and then bark a lot. Learn as much as you can about your future furry roommates’ temperament and whether it will be comfortable with apartment life. Frustration with being cooped up and bored often translates into destructive behaviors like chewing and damage to the furniture or apartment interior.

  1. Being considerate of others

All apartment communities will have rules pertaining to pets. Some communities may have specific play areas, a dog park and waste stations – some may not. When you go out with your dog, carry a plastic bag for waste. Pick up and dispose of the waste properly. Always walk your buddy with a short lease suitable for the size of the dog. Never allow the dog off leash to range freely unless you are in a designated, fenced in dog park. Don’t let your dog jump up on others; you run the chance of frightening or injuring another. Maintain control of your dog, especially if your dog is large.

  1. Spend quality time with your dog

Be prepared to go outside and enjoy time together. Not only is it a great relief to get some fresh air, but, the exercise will do both of you a world of good. Setting aside specific walk times will provide a daily routine, which your dog will remind you of in short order! Walks will also provide an opportunity for socialization with other dogs and your neighbors. Introduce your dog to their new environment slowly at first so they can get used to all the new sounds, sights and smells. Before you know it, the two of you will become well known throughout the community.


Wimmer Communities offers many pet friendly activities and amenities throughout its communities. Many properties have ample pet waste stations, spacious walking paths or proximity to parks, doggie swim days, yappy hours and some select properties have PetSpas.


Please contact your respective property for more information about pet amenities, fees and pet activities offered.