Why Homeowners Are Selling Their Homes and Moving Into Apartment Communities

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Apartment communities have a lot to offer residents. From great amenities to 24-hour maintenance and services, it's no wonder that more people are recognizing the benefits of moving into apartment communities over single-family homes. Here are a few of the perks to consider when opting for renting over buying.


One of the best things about apartment communities is the flexibility that living in an apartment offers over owning a home. This benefit translates into time as well as finances. Since as a resident you are not tied to the upkeep of a property and don’t have to spend all that energy on various home projects and repairs, your schedule can be more open to focus on activities you love. Not only that, but the money you would have spent on home projects can go towards traveling or hobbies.

Access to Amenities

Apartment communities offer all the fun of amenities without worrying about any of the upkeep. From pools to firepits to business centers, you can enjoy all kinds of activities in your leisure time. Many communities also have gyms available for residents, so you can work out even if you are on a tight schedule during the week. Great amenities just steps away make apartment communities the total package.

Less Maintenance

Living in an apartment community means not having to worry about the maintenance that comes with owning a house. Mowing the lawn or cleaning the pool is taken care of by the community's team and ground staff. Residents can simply walk to these spaces and enjoy them! When it comes to your apartment, as a resident you also have the benefit of less to worry about compared to a house. Spaces are updated and maintained prior to residents moving in and during their stay.

If you'd like to learn about all the perks of our properties at Wimmer Communities, contact us today. Or, if you’re interested in moving to the Milwaukee area, explore our blog for what to expect!

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