What Assisted Living Services Can I Receive at Forest Ridge?

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The transition from independent to assisted living can be a big change in people’s lives. But here at Forest Ridge, you can rest assured that you will be well taken care of. With ample living services and a team that cares like no other, we will ensure your switch is as comfortable and as smooth as possible. To put your mind at ease, get to know the assisted living services that are available to you or your loved ones here at Forest Ridge:  

Supportive Services:  

  • Weekly housekeeping 
  • Weekly bed linen change 
  • Arranging of transportation to community services and recreational activities  
  • Morning and evening check-ins to get you ready for the day and to wind down at night  

Personal Services:  

  • Services for daily living  
  • Eg: dressing, eating, bathing and grooming  
  • Lunches and dinners 
  • Assistance with obtaining and setting up medications 

Nursing Services: 

  • Care coordination with the resident’s medical provider  
  • Health monitoring of physical, functional and cognitive status to detect changes that may indicate health problem.  
  • Facilitate appropriate health intervention, if needed  
  • Medication administration  

Emergency Assistance:  

  • Ensure that tenant health and safety are protected in the event of an emergency 
  • Provide emergency assistance 24 hours a day 

Care provided by 

  • Director of Health Services, Tammy Burns, RN 
  • Care Supervisor, Kim Gilbert, RN 
  • Team of Resident Care Assistants.  


At Forest Ridge, you’re home.  

Does this sound like the perfect match? Learn more about why Forest Ridge may be right for you today.  


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