Try One of These 3 Apartment Decorating Trends

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Are you looking to add extra flare to your home?  Look no further, as we have rounded up the top three apartment decorating trends that are renter-friendly and easy to implement.

Greenery and Botanicals

One of the best apartment decorating trends of the year is incorporating greenery and botanicals into your living space. Adding plants not only improves air quality but also brings life to any room. Opt for low-maintenance plants like succulents, snake plants, or pothos that require minimal watering and can withstand low light conditions. Hang plants in macramé plant hangers or place them on shelves or tables to add dimension to your space.


Statement Walls

Gone are the days of boring white walls in your apartment. Statement walls are a great way to add personality and style without committing to painting an entire room. Use removable wallpaper or wall decals to create an accent wall that pops. Choose bold colors or patterns to add a unique touch to your space. Another option is to create a gallery wall with your favorite art prints or photographs to showcase your personal style.


Multifunctional Furniture

In small apartments, space is always a premium. That's where multifunctional furniture comes in. Invest in pieces that serve more than one purpose, such as a storage ottoman that doubles as seating or a sofa bed that can accommodate overnight guests. Another idea is to use a bar cart as a side table or a rolling kitchen island to provide extra counter space in a small kitchen.


Ready to make a change? Start with one of these trends to make your Wimmer apartment entirely your own. Don't forget to contact us for more tips on apartment living.

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