Top Tips For Moving Locally vs. Long-Distance

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It’s no secret that moving can be a complicated process that involves a lot of planning and execution. Additionally, distance plays a vital role when managing logistics. Luckily, Wimmer Communities is here to help you understand everything you need to know about local vs. long-distance moving.

Local Moves

Local moves are easier than long-distance moves, however, that doesn’t mean there aren’t challenges. To make life easier, planning goes a long way. First, assess your budget. Can you afford movers? How big of a truck or van will you need? Once you look at prices you can then go ahead and start working on your to-do list. First, identify all the items that movers will handle and be sure to schedule the moving date with them. Then, look at your remaining items (if the movers are not handling everything) and see how many moving boxes you will need. This will then help you determine how big your vehicle should be.

Long Distance

If you have to board a plane or drive across state lines for a move, there are some added challenges. Whether you’re dealing with shipping costs or an already packed car, it’s smart to minimize your belongings before your trip. Go through everything you own and consider which items are meaningful to you. Look for things that could use an upgrade, clothing that won’t work in new temperatures, or anything that won’t compliment your new apartment. Not only will this make the move easier, but you’ll end up in a new place with less baggage and a fresh start.

Are you planning a move to Milwaukee? At Wimmer Communities, we can help you with expert tips and everything you need to know about local vs. long-distance moving. Contact us today to learn more.

Happy Moving!

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