Tips & Tricks For Working Remotely From Your Apartment

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Even with many employers moving back to the office, around 62% of workers are still working remotely – many of them on a permanent basis. Whether you're making the shift to working remotely from your apartment for the first time or you're trying to settle into a more permanent work-from-home routine, there are several tips and tricks that can make your life easier while you do your job from one of our Wimmer Communities properties.

1. Set Aside Space to Work

It might be the kitchen table. It might be a home office. You might set aside a corner of your bedroom. Whatever your remote workspace looks like, make sure you have a specific space for work. Having a specific setup (including an ergonomic chair) can help you create a separation between your work life and your home life.

2. Take Breaks to Get Out

Staying in the same space all the time can quickly get monotonous. Schedule breaks into your day when you can take a walk around the apartment complex, run errands, or just step away from your computer for a little while to help keep your mental health up. 

3. Turn Off Work at the End of the Workday

Don't fall into the habit of checking "just one more thing" or "finishing off just one more project" when your workday comes to an end. Instead, make a habit of disconnecting and spending the rest of the day doing things you enjoy.

4. Dress for Your Workday

No, there's nothing wrong with spending your remote workday in your favorite pair of yoga pants. However, you'll feel more professional and motivated if you at least change into "work yoga pants" for the workday. Shower, put your hair up, and make the effort to look professional for your job. You’ll feel better, overall, about the progression of your day.

Working remotely is great, but it's important to create that vital separation to ensure that you maintain your mental health and can disconnect from work at the end of the day and on the weekends. Want to find the perfect apartment to allow you to work remotely? Contact us for more information.

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