Tips to Consider When Moving to Milwaukee

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Milwaukee Living

If you’re considering a move to Milwaukee, you probably already know that it boasts stunning nature, a rich culture, and a variety of neighborhoods that each show off a unique charm. On top of these benefits, there are a variety of perks most people learn when they touch the ground.

Arrive prepared to your new apartment in Milwaukee and consider these tips for making the most of your first few months in this beautiful city:

Don’t Overlook Surrounding Neighborhoods

When looking for a place to live in Milwaukee, consider an apartment in one of the surrounding neighborhoods. Places like Brookefield and Oak Creek feature scenic nature and an idyllic charm located just ten miles outside of the city. Enjoy the perks of city living from the comfort of a serene community from one of these outer boroughs.

Bring Your Passion for Beer

With a nickname like “Brew City,” it’s no secret that Milwaukee is home to some fantastic pours. The city’s first brewery, Milwaukee Brewery, opened in 1840 by Welsh settlers. With nearly two centuries of brewing experience, local brewmasters have perfected the art of making the perfect brew. When landing in Milwaukee, be sure to check out beloved establishments like Third Space Brewing, Hacienda Brewing Co., and Good City Brewing.

Don’t Forget Your Bike

Milwaukee is a city for bike lovers. With its compact design, a bike-share program, and cyclist events, it has been ranked one of the top states for those who prefer gliding on two wheels. For those who live outside of Milwaukee, exploring the city is easy with Bublr Bikes, the city’s bike-share program.

Look for Local Bites

When you land in Milwaukee, your first priority should be indulging in some delicious farm-to-table fare. Next to California, Wisconsin ranks second in the country for the number of organic farms. Whether you’re visiting one of the many farmer's markets or checking out a beloved eatery like Odd Duck, you’ll be amazed by the quality of the locally sourced ingredients.

Consider a Virtual Tour

Looking for a new apartment can be overwhelming, especially when you’re moving from afar and can’t see an apartment in person. Luckily, the quality of virtual tours has improved drastically in the past few years, especially in the Milwaukee area. Click here to start hunting for your dream apartment in Milwaukee.

Are you interested in learning more about the perks of living in Milwaukee? Contact the team at Wimmer today.

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