The Best Museums to Visit in Milwaukee

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The Best Museums to Visit in Milwaukee

Understanding a city's history is the best way of exploring it. Luckily, Milwaukee's rich and diverse history is on display at these local museums just a quick commute from our Wimmer communities. Here are a few to add to your weekend itinerary!

Harley Davidson Museum

The Harley Davidson Museum is located on a 20-acre campus and brings a taste of rebellion and classic American culture to mild and wild visitors alike. It has plenty to explore as well as educational activities. The museum exhibits over 450 motorcycles and artifacts dating back to the oldest Harley-Davidson motorcycle. You will learn about unique products, history, and Harley-Davidson culture from this museum. Other must-sees include exclusive steel toe tours and a shuttle trip to Harley Davidson's Pilgrim Road powertrain operations facility.

Discovery World Museum

Discovery World is a fun science museum located on the lakefront. Its exhibits focus on technology and freshwater science to inspire the next generation of STEM learners. Exhibitions include a scale model of the entire Great Lakes watershed, aquariums with underwater animals from around the world, a physics laboratory, and an automation exhibit that explains the inner workings of complex machines.

Milwaukee Public Museum

The Milwaukee Public Museum covers 150,000 square feet across three floors with fascinating exhibits covering geology, zoology, botany, and anthropology. Catering to all ages, the exhibits here include the largest dinosaur skull, replicas of ancient medieval villages, and a butterfly garden.

After a fun day at one of Milwaukee's museums, wrap up your day with a visit to one of these local breweries. Looking for more information about life in Milwaukee? Contact us to learn more about the area and our Wimmer communities.



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