Summertime, and the Fishin’ is Easy

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Urban And Community Fishing

Summer will be gone before you know it and there are still opportunities to enjoy a peaceful afternoon in piscatorial pursuits (also known as goin’ fishin’!). The metro area has an abundance of “Urban” fishing waters right around the corner. There are currently 21 ponds in Milwaukee County designated as urban waters by the DNR and additional lakes and rivers in the adjoining Racine and Walworth counties. Urban fishing waters are small lakes and ponds under 25 acres that are typically managed by the local municipality. They are posted with signs, have special regulations and their shorelines are accessible to the public. Some offer fishing piers and wheelchair access. The program also increases awareness among urban residents of angling techniques, ethics, and environmental conditions necessary to produce desirable fisheries. 



As Urban fishing becomes more popular among city anglers looking for quick and easy access to good fishing spots nearby, it’s important to be aware of any regulations that govern fishing in your area. Just like fishing elsewhere in a state, you’ll need to check the rules for licensing, protected species, daily bag and possession limits and other requirements. These are generally posted near the parking area. The easiest way to find this information is check the DNR website. There is a special season that runs from the 2nd Saturday in March through the last Friday in April every year when only kids aged 15 and under and disabled anglers are allowed to fish.  Except for that special season, fishing in urban ponds is open year-round to everyone.” 




Rather than having to travel to a remote spot out in the wilderness, the great thing about urban fishing is that you can walk, take public transportation, or bike to a location quickly. But just how do you find suitable locations?



Park                                      Address                                                 Deck/Amenities


Brown Deer                        7835 N. Green Bay Rd.                   deck

Dineen                                 6901 W. Vienna St.                          deck

Estabrook                           4400 N. Estabrook Dr.    

Grant                                     Oak Creek Pkwy

Greenfield                          2028 S. 124 St. 

Holler                                    5151 S. 6 St.         

Humboldt                           3000 S. Howell Ave.        

Kletzsch                               6560 N. Milwaukee River Pkwy.

Kosciuszko                         712 W. Becher St.            

McCarty                              8214 W. Cleveland Ave. 

McGovern                          5400 N. 51 St.                                   deck

McKinley                            1750 N. Lincoln Memorial Dr.       break wall pier, fish cleaning station        

Milwaukee River Pkwy   north of Hampton Ave.                pier         

Mitchell Park                     524 S. Layton Blvd.         

Oak Creek Pkwy               E. Hawthorne Ave.,

                                                between 6th & 10th Ave.             

Saveland              3700 S. 2 St.     

Scout Lake           5902 W. Loomis Rd.                          pier

Sheridan              4800 S. Lake Dr.                                ramp

South Shore        2900 S. Shore Dr.                             fish cleaning station      

Veterans              1010 N. Lincoln Memorial Dr.     promenade

Washington        1859 N. 40 St.                                  deck



Wisconsin is home to more than 160 different kinds of fish. The annual steelhead runs in the Spring can produce whoppers in rivers connected to Lake Michigan. Plus, there are many lakes and ponds stocked annually with rainbow trout for increasing your ample angling adventures. Smallmouth bass are feisty fighters and will be found in many rivers and lakes locally. Largemouth bass, bluegill, yellow perch, pumpkinseeds, black and white crappies, huge catfish, walleye…the list seems endless. Better still, most of these fish are quite delicious too!


Taking your kids fishing often creates a special memory and a legacy that can last a lifetime. You, your kids, and your grandkids will all treasure the times spent fishing with family and friends.


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