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Unique & Creative Apartment Storage Ideas

Apartment storage can be a frustrating dilemma when you just do not seem to have enough space. If you are tired of clutter around your apartment, it’s time to get creative with unique apartment storage ideas. If you are looking to optimize your space and store your stuff in a more functional manner, here are a few great tips on how to get started.

Make Use of Your Vertical Space

Envisioning how to use vertical space is sometimes overlooked when laying out your apartment. Vertical space is usually four times as big as horizontal space, so use it wisely when finding storage for items in your apartment. Storing items off the ground frees up space that might seem cluttered and adds a bit of positive feng shui to any living area.

Shelving is the gold standard of occupying vertical space on any wall. Add floating units if your apartment allows for it or find a stand-alone shelving unit if you’re not quite sure. Ikea and Amazon have great options for anyone’s taste in décor.

Peg boards are a stylish way to add functionality and color to your walls and improve storage at the same time. Peg boards can be equipped with shelves or hooks and are the most customizable for placement and arrangement. If you find yourself with a lot of random things that could be hung up, a peg board on an open wall can make for a great storage option.

Hooks and hangers are an excellent way of keeping things organized and separated, from towels and jackets to keys and jewelry. Stuffing everything in a box or cabinet is not always the best option for certain things, especially if you use them a lot or they look visually appealing. Using hooks in convenient places can improve the storage in any apartment. There are plenty of hook and hanger options out there today that do not require the use of tools to set up, such as over-the-door hangers and adhesive-backed hooks.

Fold-down workspaces and desks are a great way to free up space when you do not need it and create space when you do. If you’re the type of person who likes doing arts and crafts or working from a desk but don’t like the space utilization a traditional free-standing desk requires, adding a fold-down version to your apartment could be a great solution.


Combine Functional Furniture with Storage Capabilities

Using functional furniture as storage space is always a great option for apartment dwellers. Things you sit on or sleep on are the perfect candidates.

Bed frames with underneath storage are perfect for freeing up closet or dresser space. Under-bed storage is usually very large and offers deep drawers that can fit a lot of possessions you might have laying around. If a bed frame with built-in storage isn’t for you, adding risers to your current bed frame can raise your bed a few inches and free up space for bins or vacuum bags, an alternative and usually cheaper solution.

Finding ottomans with empty internal space or coffee tables with extra drawers or internal space are excellent ways to declutter any living room while still being functional and offering a secondary purpose. Throwing extra blankets, pillows, magazines, etc. underneath or within a coffee table or ottoman is a super-efficient way of saving space.


Now get out there and start organizing!

If you are looking to make the most of your apartment space, we hope these ideas will work for you. Implement a few of these, and we’re sure your space will feel more organized and clutter free.

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