Spruce Up Your Home With Tropical Houseplants

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Summer may be winding down but that doesn’t mean your greenery has to! Extend that warm weather feel by incorporating tropical plants into your home. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite varietals that will freshen your space and brighten your mood.

Bird of Paradise

This tropical plant is most recognizable by its bright orange and blue plumed flowers and large green split leaves. These plants can grow indoors as long as they get lots of direct sunlight, warmth, and are fertilized regularly. They can grow up to six feet high, but it takes two to three years before you'll see them flower. Keep it pot-bound and the soil moist but not waterlogged throughout the year. While a bird of paradise loves the sun, too much direct midday heat can fry the leaves, so position it in a room with east or west-facing windows.

Peace Lily

This popular perennial plant is native to tropical America. It's known for tall white blooms resembling peace flags. These are one of the more common houseplants because they're easy to grow and come in a variety of sizes so you can find the perfect fit for your room. They like bright indirect light, well-drained soil kept moist, and temperatures of at least 55 degrees. If you're keeping your Peace Lily in bright light, you'll want to fertilize it every six weeks. If it's in low light, you'll only need to feed it half as often.

Parlor Palm

This Central American palm plant has become an incredibly popular indoor plant in the United States. Known for thin trunks covered in light green foliage, it's a great focal point in a room, and is well-adapted to being indoors. It'll grow from two to six feet tall with exposure to bright, indirect sunlight. They are sensitive to overwatering and too much sunlight, so keep them in a northern-facing area and keep the watering schedule sparse. A high-quality potting mix in a medium-sized pot will suffice in keeping this palm happy and growing.

If you're interested in adding houseplants to your home at Wimmer Communities, check out our tips. For more information on our luxury apartment locations, contact us today.

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