Spring Cleaning Tips: 3 Things to Do Before You Begin

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If springtime has you itching for renewal and rejuvenation, look no further than spring cleaning your home. Few things compare to the feeling of having a well-organized and sparkling clean home, but cleaning an entire house or apartment can be a daunting task, especially if you’re doing it on your own.

Fortunately, with a little preparation and strategy, you can make the process faster and more efficient. Here are three spring cleaning tips to streamline the experience and get your home in tip-top shape for spring.

Make a Plan
Often the hardest part of taking on a huge task like spring cleaning is just getting started. Set yourself up for success by making a gameplan ahead of time and breaking down the seemingly enormous task of spring cleaning a house into small, manageable tasks. 

It might mean breaking up the cleaning over multiple days, taking on a single room at a time, assigning household members specific responsibilities or goals, or doing a single cleaning task in every room. Figure out what works best for how you work and stay the course. 

Start Small & Manageable
Make a list of all the deep cleaning tasks you want to accomplish and then organize it by how much effort or time each will require. Then, tackle a few tasks that don’t require too much of a time commitment. Knocking out these easier tasks will give you some momentum going forward and also allows you to cross off a few “to-dos” right away.

Your Small & Manageable list might include wiping down every mirror in the house or simply putting away all the laundry hanging on the back of your chair.

Take it step by step, and don’t be afraid to celebrate each time you complete a task.

Ease In by Decluttering
Get started by taking an honest assessment of the items in your home or a given room and decide what absolutely must stay and what needs to go. Think about what you truly use or love and what you have just for the sake of having.

Parting with some objects might be tough, but few things feel as good as donating or recycling the items that are taking up valuable space in your home.

Take items in good condition to a Goodwill or thrift store, give away other items to friends and family, and properly recycle electronics and furniture. The newly freed-up space—both physical and mental—will contribute greatly to an overall sense of cleanliness and tidiness. 

Now, Clean! And Don’t Forget to Go Behind the Scenes
After you’ve made a plan and stuck to it, started small with easy-to-tackle tasks, and decluttered your space, it’s time to do the actual work of cleaning so that you can have a fresh start to spring.

But, it’s key to go beyond basic, everyday cleaning and do a deep clean, which means ensuring just about every surface in your home is addressed.

Most of the year, it’s easy to ignore the dust piling up behind the stove or buildup between shower tiles, but come spring-cleaning season, it’s also time to tackle those areas of the home that aren’t always top-of-mind.

No matter how or when you do it, whatever “apartment deep clean” means to you, spring cleaning your home is an excellent way to welcome in spring and get a fresh start after a long winter. Follow these three strategies or combine one or two with other approaches, and you’re sure to end up with a home that feels fresh and new.

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