Small Dogs Need Exercise: Ideas to Get Your Pup Moving

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Your dog needs your attention and love, but they need proper exercise, too. Although some people might think that small dogs don't need exercise, that's a myth. Small dogs need to stay active to avoid health complications. The good news is that you don't need acres and acres of green space to help your small dog properly exercise. Here are some ways you can get your small dog moving: 


Take Your Dog on Walks 

Of course, it sounds simple that you can take your dogs on walks for exercise. However, it's best if you take your small dog on walks across different kinds of terrain. When you do this, your dog will build their endurance by walking up and down hills. But even more importantly, they'll be exposed to all the different smells. 


Throw a Ball to Your Dog 

Nothing is better than a game of catch. So, try throwing a ball to your dog at a dog park, inside your home, or in a yard. You don't have to throw the ball far because you can throw the ball a short distance multiple times. This is just as effective as your dog running a further distance to fetch the ball. If your dog won't chase a ball, try throwing their favorite toy. 


Before Jogging, Ask Your Vet 

If you love to jog with your dog, this can be a great way to properly exercise your pup. However, be sure to talk to your vet before you go on long jogs with your puppy. Small dogs can't always keep up with the stride of a human, so to be safe, be sure your dog can keep up with your jogging pace. 


Helping your dog exercise properly is crucial. A dog that exercises lives a longer, happier, and healthier life. We encourage you to take your pup on a walk, play with them, or do whatever exercise routine that works for your dog. For more information about having dogs at Wimmer Communities, contact us. 

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