Prepping Your Apartment for Winter

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Winter Essentials for Apartment Functionality, Warmth, and Comfort

Living in Wisconsin comes with winter weather. The cold air, snow, salt, and ice can be pesky annoyances in your apartment. Everyone wants a warm, cozy, and clean apartment all year long, and with a few simple upgrades you can make the most of your apartment this winter.

Spend more time enjoying the hot chocolate, snow days, and cozy movie nights with these often-overlooked additions for getting your apartment ready for winter.


Boot Tray or Shoe Rack

Having a boot tray or shoe rack in the wintertime will keep your floors cleaner and contain any snow or ice you might drag in. A good boot rack will save you time cleaning floors and help you avoid stepping in an ice-cold puddle of snow with your socks on.

Planning on having a few people over while it’s snowing? A boot tray will be your best friend. Organize guests' footwear in the entryway while avoiding the spread of sand and salt being tracked in.

Simple plastic or rubber boot trays with good liners to capture and debris are popular choices. Head to any major home good retailer to find one. Higher-end versions can be found on websites like Etsy.


Draft Guards

No one likes a drafty doorway in winter, and a great way to eliminate that pesky breeze is a draft guard. Whether your front door leads directly outside or into a hallway entranceway, a draft guard can help regulate the temperature inside your apartment, keeping the warm air in and the cold air out.

Most draft guards are long and made from some sort of durable fabric filled with sand, beans, or other dense material. There are all sorts of designs with different colors and sizes, so everyone can find the perfect draft guard for their style.


Winter Bedding

Your bed should be a warm sanctuary in the middle of cold winter nights. Make sure you stay warm all night by bringing out the winter bedding. Thick comforters, flannel throw blankets, and mattress pads will keep you extra warm.

A solid night’s sleep is important for a productive day, so be sure to maximize your comfort for the best sleep during winter.


Area Rugs

Rugs are a cozy way to upgrade your apartment and brighten the mood during long winter days. When the temperatures drop, rugs are also a great way to preserve heat and provide a more comfortable surface to walk around barefoot in your apartment.

Rugs are also important to have in key areas that get lots of traffic in the wintertime. With snow on the ground, it’s easy track in water and ice on our shoes and boots. Entryway rugs will help absorb any left-over snow your shoes might leave behind.



Winter air is notoriously dry, which can be less than ideal for many people. In the winter, the colder air holds less moisture compared to the warmer air during summertime.

One way to combat the dryness of winter air is to invest in a humidifier for your apartment. Keeping your air at a comfortable humidity level will help eliminate sore or scratchy throats, nose bleeds, itchy skin, and more. There are many options for portable humidifiers, including different sizes and prices.


Interested in more ways to enjoy your apartment this winter? Check out our recent blog “3 Ways To Make Your Apartment Extra Cozy” for enjoying the chilly season and taking the opportunity to embrace all things cozy.

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