Prepping Your Apartment for Summer

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4 Tips on Apartment Living During the Summer Months 

As we approach the summer months, now is the perfect time to get your apartment ready for the sunshine and warm weather. Opening your windows and letting in the fresh air is just one of the many pleasures of apartment living in the summer. The long hot days and comfortable nights are a needed relief from the dark cold of the winter months. As the seasons change, so should your apartment! Say goodbye to winter and get a headstart on summer with these easy tips for prepping your apartment for summer.

Tip 1: Spring Clean Your Apartment

It’s always a great idea to keep your apartment as clean as possible, that’s why a thorough and deep spring clean is essential to start off the summer season on the right foot. A clean living space is a happy living space. Some simple cleaning tips include:

  1. Sweep, mop, and vacuum your floors to avoid dust and grime because you will be spending lots of time outdoors in the summer months tracking dirt and debris inside.
  2. Wash your windows to get the most of the bright summer sun.
  3. Declutter and rotate your closet to make room for your summer wardrobe.

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Tip 2: Lighten Up

Summer is a great time to bring the warm sunshine into your apartment, so open those windows wide and enjoy the breeze at the same time.

Natural light is great for both your health and your wallet, so try bringing more of it inside with the right curtains. Hanging light, airy curtains rather than heavy drapes in the summertime will help keep your apartment nice and bright while allowing the fresh summer air to easily circulate. Swapping out couch pillows and bedding for lighter and more vibrant colors are an effective way for livening up a room as well.

Tip 3: Add Some Greenery

Having natural plants in your apartment is great way to bring the bright feeling of summer indoors. Apartment plants are unique and colorful, improve your mood, and help freshen up the summer air at the same time. Even though apartment plants are great to have year round, they just fit in perfectly during summer.

Tip 4: Get Your Balcony or Patio in Order

Having a patio or balcony included with your apartment is a great feature you’ll find at many Wimmer Communities, and prepping them for the summer months can provide a great little getaway of your very own.

Make sure your patio or balcony is clean and free of dust and debris because you will be spending a lot of time on it during the summer months. Add a few chairs and a table, maybe a small sun awning for relaxing, and a few small plants to add to the mix. A private balcony or patio for your apartment can be a great extra space to use in the summer, take advantage of it!