Ideas for Celebrating Valentines in Milwaukee for Kids, Friends and Loved Ones

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Valentines Day is not just for significant others…it’s for everyone! Here are some fun ideas to make February 14th special in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for all the people you love. 

Valentine’s Day with Children 

Make the children in your life feel loved with a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt and heart-shaped pizza. Begin by choosing hiding places in and around your home or chosen location. Write up clues based on the childs skill level. At each location, leave a chocolate kiss or other festive treat, along with the clue for the next location. Start the scavenger hunt by handing the child the first clue and watch the fun unfold! 

The final clue could lead to the kitchen where you can make a heart-shaped pizza together following this simple recipe or one of your own. Or make your life easy and enjoy a local pizza from Pizza Man or Transfer Pizzeria. 

Valentine’s Day with Friends 

Why not organize a COVID-friendly virtual wine tasting with friends this Valentine’s Day? Start by choosing several easily accessible wines. If you’re feeling generous, buy wine for each participant and leave it at their door. Or let each participant know which wines you will be tasting when you invite them to your virtual meeting and let them know where they can purchase the wine, such as local Menomonee Falls favorite Otto’s Wine and Spirits. Prepare for the party by researching the wines, such as the type of grape/s used, the location where the grapes were grown, a little something about the winery, and maybe some online review comments and share these fun facts with the group before tasting. Cheers!      

 Valentine’s Day with Your Valentine 

Sharing Valentine’s Day at home with your special someone can be even more fun than going out! Start by planning your meal. So many restaurants have great take-out menus, like Uncle Julio’s in Brookfield. What could be more romantic than sharing steak or chicken fajitas for two?  

Or if you’re feeling more ambitious, why not whip up a quick pasta dish? Boil one pound of pasta, such as radiatori.  Toss with ¼ cup olive oil, chopped Roma tomatoes, 8 ounces of crumbled feta cheese, sliced Greek olives, fresh basil, and pepper to taste. Voilé! Be sure to pick up a good bottle of wine or sparkling grape juice and get out your best glassware. You could even buy flowers and candles for the table. And don’t forget a valentine's card and a gift, if you like.   

Make the setting for your meal extra special by eating in an unconventional location such as using a side table (or card table) in front of the fireplace or other romantic location in your home where you wouldn’t otherwise eat --- or even sit in different spots at the usual table to change things up (sitting right next to your valentine is a romantic way to share a meal!). And of course, don’t forget dessert…anything from individual chocolates to homemade chocolatey good brownies is perfect! We recommend taking a quick trip to Black Twig Bakery in Wauwatosa! 

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