How to Make Your Beautiful Apartment Stand Out

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Ready for spring redecorating? We’ve pulled together some tips and hacks for you to spice up your apartment with your personality and show off your creative style!

Phase One: Planning

As you’re preparing to redecorate, think of how you want your apartment to look. There are plenty of tools for helping you visualize your renovated apartment.

Floor plans and Layouts – just ask the leasing office for your floor plan!

  • Amikasa (costs $0.99) lets you use real brands to arrange your furniture layout
  • Room Scan Pro (costs $4.99)
  • Magic Plan (free with in-app purchases)

Color Schemes

If you do a web search, you can find plenty of color schemes to help inspire you. Check out a few of our favorites:

If you want something a bit more advanced, check out Paletton, which lets you select a specific color and find up to three colors that will go with it.

Finding Inspiration

  • Visit sites like Pinterest, Tumblr, and HGTV to find unique ideas that will get your creativity going
  • Take advantage of our community boards to ask your neighbors how they decorate their apartment.
  • If your property has a model, check it out
  • Many of our properties have gorgeous clubhouses with TVs where you can check out the HGTV channel to take note from pros
  • Ask the leasing staff or maintenance team for ideas that they’ve seen

Phase Two: Shopping

Now that you’ve got a game plan, it’s time to go shopping.

Here are some local stores that will help you gather the materials you need:

  • At Home – Wauwatosa & Greenfield
  • Pottery Barn – Wauwatosa at Mayfair Mall
  • West Elm – Historic Third Ward
  • The Home Market – Milwaukee
  • HOBO – Milwaukee & West Allis
  • Arhaus – Brookfield
  • Pier 1 – Brookfield & Greendale
  • Front Porch – Waukesha
  • And…the ever-awaited IKEA (Wisconsin’s first IKEA!)

Other resources:

  • Etsy.com for some neat handcrafted finds. Or, if you’re feel crafty yourself: Pinterest for DIY décor ideas.
  • Apps: Any.Do, Wanderlust, Google Keep, and One Note to make your shopping lists.
  • Apps for Ads:  Flipp to search local ads and keep track of items you’re interested in, Groupon to find deals

Phase Three: Decorating

Put together a playlist before you begin decorating that will help set the mood and keep you inspired and energized throughout.

As you redecorate, if you have old furniture or items you’d like to get rid of, consider donating! Wimmer Communities partners with local charities like Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Initiative and Habitat for Humanity ReStore to provide for those in need. We’d be happy to give you contact info for more information on how you can contribute!

Grab some neighbors and host a redecorating party. If your property has a clubhouse, stop by for a cup of coffee or tea when you need a quick break or just a refreshment.

Here are some design tips:

  • Oversized art is trending – check out a local art gallery or find some wall art at your local Target. If you’re up for it, you could even head to a craft store for some canvas and paints to create your own
  • Removable Wall Paper – Add some neat designs to spice up your walls with removable wall paper. You can find options at Home Depot or sites like Wayfair.com
  • Mirrors – Our apartments are spacious, but if you want to make them appear extra roomy, add some mirrors.
  • Give flavor to the floors – Our vinyl and carpeted flooring can partner up with rugs to create a more personal touch.
  • Lighting – Here is a quick note on lighting:
    • Check out the type of bulb you’ll be using, as it will affect the feel of your home (Fluorescent: these types of bulbs will give off cooler tones as they lean towards the ultraviolet end of the lighting spectrum or Tungsten: will give off warmer tones – they lean towards the infrared end of the spectrum)
  • Repurpose items you already own
    • Have empty jars? Paint them and use as a vase
    • Use clothespins and lines to hang photos
    • Holiday lights aren’t just for winter. Hang them around a bed frame or wall to add a soft, welcoming feel to a room
    • Have old t-shirts that hold special memories? Turn them into a quilt.
    • Have books you’re no longer interested in? Make some fabulous book art to hang on your walls.

After you’ve finished decorating, snap a pic and post it to social media with #MyHomeAtWimmerCommunities

We’ll be sharing our favorites throughout the season to help inspire others.

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