How to Make Family Moving Fun & Smooth

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Most of us, back when we wore a younger person’s clothes, could fit almost all our worldly possessions in a couple of suitcases and a box. Life moves on, we build families and acquire more “stuff.” Moving is no longer simple. Relocating requires more planning, usually involves more people, and costs more. Use the move to build great memories with your family. Whether you're moving across the country or across the globe, try to make the move as stress-free as possible for everyone. Moving into your new home does not have to be a task undertaken with fear and trepidation. Here are some ideas to keep everyone happy.

  1. Plan Ahead and Mark Your Calendars

Poor planning causes headaches, headaches cause stress, stress causes arguments. It may seem silly to consider but planning will make the overall move much more successful. This means giving yourself the time you need each step of the way. From finding your new home, to coordinating movers, route planning, sorting through your belongings to determine which treasure should be included on the move and which should be rehomed the more time and attention you allow, the less stressed you will be when the movers show up.

  1. Involve the Kids

First, be sure to make the moving date clear to everyone involved. The children should know what to expect in the days ahead. Include the whole family in touring potential new apartments. Though you may find that most tours today are conducted virtually, have the kiddos at your side for the digital walk through. Have them figure out which room and what colors will make that new bedroom their own. They may even come up with room arrangements and where the puppy or kitty will have their beds. Let’s face it, moving is stressful for everyone involved. Your kids will feel the stress more than they may let on. To minimize the strain of moving, it is important to get the kids engaged before the first box is packed. All will be happier if they're involved in the process.

  1. Set a Budget, but be Flexible

Budgets are your friend. Setting aside monies for security deposits, gathering quotes from movers, and planning on how much money to use for painting rooms and window trim will allow you to make the move with eyes wide open. Once you have your quotes from several moving companies, check the reviews. Make sure that whoever you hire is reputable. This is especially important for cross-country moves, which can be very expensive. If you are feeling a pinch in the pocketbook, check with family and friends to see who would be available to help. Remember, the easiest way to have people come to your aid is to be there for them when they need help.

  1. Pack ‘em up, Move ‘em Out

Packing is the gigantic elephant dinner of moving. While eating an entire elephant may require an acquired taste, it is a meal you will still have to eat to make this move happen. So, how will you devour your packing elephant? One bit at a time. You can start by making a list of what you and the family will need at the new home. Divide all of your worldly goods into three different groups: 1) things we cannot live without, 2) items to be donated for future repurposing, 3) finally, those things which will be placed into the dumpster. This last group is very critical if you are looking at a long distance move – remember our previous comments about budgets! By going through everything and moving the items for groups two and three to their respective new places, the final items to be packed will be less daunting. Start by packing one room at a time. If you have set up your schedule well, most of the packing will be accomplished a couple of weeks prior to the move taking place. The same plan works once you have arrived at the new place – one room at a time.

Moving seldom makes its way onto the “things I love to do” list. That does not mean that it has to be a nightmare. Hopefully these tips will make your upcoming move smoother and possibly fun.

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