How to live a more eco-friendly life at Wimmer Communities

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It doesn’t have to be Earth Day to recognize how important it is to live an eco-friendly life and here at Wimmer Communities we want to share some tips on how you can make a difference.

  1. Monitor your energy usage
    1. Not all devices always need to be plugged in. The toaster you have plugged in sitting on the counter (as you read this blog post) is drawing power. Not using it? Unplug it!
    2. WE Energies gives summaries on your energy consumption and even gives energy saving tips on your monthly bill.
  2. Recycle
    1. All Wimmer Communities recycling bins have guidelines posted as to how to properly recycle materials. Guidelines vary from community to community. Most packaging for food and other materials also gives instructions on properly recycling their products as well.
  3. Use less paper products
    1. The United States placed about 18 million pounds of paper products in landfills last year. Using alternatives such as handkerchiefs, towels and re-usable materials can lessen this amount.
  4. Eliminate food waste
    1. About 40 million tons of food waste was disposed of in the United States last year. This can be decreased through proper meal prep/planning. Allotting for the people in your household appropriately and making the most of leftovers can eliminate food waste and even reduce the number of times you must take out the garbage.
  5. Buy re-usable bags
    1. Most plastic bags are not accepted in community recycling programs. Shopping with re-usable bags at the grocery store is an easy way to decrease plastic bag consumption.

Wimmer Communities is committed to helping its residents live environmentally aware lives and operates its Wisconsin communities with an eco-conscious mindset.