How To Host a Virtual Party

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By taking advantage of the many free video-conferencing platforms, you can host a memorable and safe online party right from your apartment. From bingo to virtual karaoke, here is a list of ways you can celebrate with friends and family near and far.

Online Bingo

This American favorite can be played virtually with the help of some online templates. Attach a printable copy of your chosen format in a group email to start things off. Each person will print off their own copy and provide their own place markers. The first player to mark off five spaces in a row wins. For extra motivation, you can award the winner with an Etsy gift card.


Flex your knowledge with online trivia! Write or copy a bunch of trivia questions to pose to the group. Have people send their answer to you and then reveal the correct answer and the 'winner'.

Virtual Karaoke

Recreate Friday night at the bar by throwing a virtual karaoke party. Stream lyric videos from YouTube on your Zoom call with the help of Watch2Gether. Gather a list of favorite tracks, consult Spotify holiday playlists, reach out to your family DJ, and let the dance party begin. Be sure to select the karaoke videos you want to use before the party starts. If people have any requests, have them email you in advance so you don't get tripped up over the technical details.

Virtual Hot Chocolate Break

Send a packet of hot cocoa to each of your guests and have a virtual cocoa break during the call. Another fun idea would be to announce a potluck where each participant must bring a treat to 'share' virtually with the group.

Give the season the merriment and celebration it deserves by hosting a holiday party online. Check out our blog post on the best holiday drinks to add a bit more celebration to your party. Be sure to contact us if you want to schedule a tour of our apartments.

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