Halloween Ideas to Brighten Up Your Quarantine Celebration!

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You have heard by now that Halloween parties and even Trick-or-Treating have been cancelled through out the state of Wisconsin. This does not mean you and your family must miss out on this festive fall holiday. The following ideas may help you find a way to keep up the Spirits of the boys and ghouls in your household…

  1. Go crazy decorating your apartment, balcony, or porch. Whether your decorations are store bought or homemade, go crazy with the displays. Contact your Property Manager to set up a Halloween decorating contest. Transform your community into a ghost town! You may even choose to go with a specific theme for this year. 
  2. Have a family Spook fest. Pick out your favorite scary movies, jump into your comfiest jams, and nuke up that popcorn – it is time to get scared. Make sure that everyone has a chance to include their favorite monster movie and have a blast.
  3. Go "Trunk-or-Treating". Even though door to door Trick-or-Treating will not be happening, there may be a chance to go out to a local school, church or neighborhood hosting these events. Check your neighborhood newsletters, social media listings or bulletin boards to find out if these may be happening in your area. Remember, if you are participating, decorate your car.
  4. Start a pet Halloween contest on social media. You can check with your Property Manager to see if the community has plans for this type of contest. If not, find out how to get the ball rolling (it is actually very easy).
  5. Go for a bike ride in costume. There are miles and miles of local bike paths. Jump into character and hit the trails. Make sure that no one’s mask will restrict their vision or that their costume could get entangled in the bike chain. If going out later in the day, have lights and flashlights for everyone.
  6. Create your own unique face mask design for the holiday. By now everyone has gotten used to the idea of having to wear a face mask while in public. Take yours and give it that seasonal flair by decorating it to match your costume or to stand out on its own.
  7. Find out where the local Haunted Houses are in your area and check them out from the safety and security of a "Ghost Tour" road trip. Because the houses are still private property you will have to stay in your cars – besides, we’re talking about ghosts people!
  8. Make a Halloween Pinata. Who says Pinatas are only allowed at birthday parties? Design and decorate your own spooky treat filled cannister and come out swinging.

Of course, there are many other ideas still out there waiting for you and your family to fold into new family traditions for celebrating the holidays. When you come up with something truly cool and different, share it with others. Who knows, you may become the new "Monster of Ceremonies" at upcoming events.

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