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One piece of decor that will never go out of style is the beloved house plant. Not only do they add a fresh, verdant appeal to your space, but they also clean the air by absorbing toxins and producing oxygen.
If you’re ready to turn your apartment into your own personal jungle, we recommend assessing your plant selections room-by-room. Therefore, we’ve put together this handy guide for adding green appeal to each corner of your apartment.
As a room where people congregate and relax, the living area is an ideal location for plants. With ample light and plenty of room, plants typically thrive in this space. One of our favorites is the peace lily — a flowering tropical plant that is an effective air filter. Peace lilies can raise humidity levels by as much as 5%, increasing levels of moisture in the air, resulting in a pleasant environment as you lounge. This plant grows upward and therefore looks great as a coffee table centerpiece.
As your culinary happy place, the kitchen can only benefit from the addition of house plants. Spider plants in particular are a species of perennial flowering plants that are resilient and known for their ability to remove toxins from the air. Along with clean air, your kitchen can also boast fresh ingredients with the inclusion of herbs. Basil, mint, rosemary, and thyme are just a few fantastic additions you can add to a kitchen windowsill and daily meals.
The bathroom can be the most challenging room for plants due to a lack of light. However, moisture-loving species like English ivy will thrive in this environment. While this plant will look beautiful in your space, be mindful of pets as it can be poisonous if ingested.
Are you ready to beautify a new apartment with lush greenery? Or perhaps you’re eager to prepare a special dish in a new state-of-the-art kitchen? Contact your friends at Wimmer Communities. We would be happy to find a property near you and arrange a virtual tour.
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