Four of the Best Dog Breeds For Your Milwaukee Apartment

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If you are considering adopting a canine companion, you may be wondering which breeds adapt well to apartment living. Good news – many dogs thrive in smaller homes, especially those with low to moderate energy levels. Here are a few dog breeds you may want to consider bringing home to your Wimmer Communities apartment.

Bichon Frise

Called "canine comedians" by the AKC, the bichon frise is full of personality. Bichons enjoy playing games and prefer about 20 to 40 minutes of playtime every day. They don't need much room to romp, and they're content lying on the couch by your side or in a comfortable dog bed.

Boston Terrier

Known for their intelligence, Boston terriers excel at sports like agility and flyball. They are less excitable than other terrier breeds, making them perfect apartment dogs. They always enjoy playtime with their favorite humans and require less than an hour of exercise daily. Boston terriers are easy to train and are perfect for anyone looking for a fun, cheerful companion.

English Bulldog

Easily identifiable, English bulldogs are charming pups known for their distinctive rolling gait. They typically only bark to alert, making them suitable for apartment living. Bulldogs are low endurance with a laid-back energy level. This breed thrives best in temperate climates.


One of the oldest dog breeds, pugs are affectionate canines that fit into most homes. Their curiosity has delighted owners for generations. Pugs are happy to play or lounge and only need about twenty minutes of walking or playtime each day. Pugs typically get along well with other dogs, and while they can be stubborn, they are usually eager to please.

These are just a few of the most apartment-friendly dog breeds. To learn more about renting in Milwaukee, please contact us at Wimmer Communities. We will help you find the property that is right for you.