Exemplifying Excellence: A Spotlight on Wimmer’s Teammates

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Wimmer Communities is a company that takes great pride in our teammates who dedicate themselves to our mission of creating living environments through the development, management and construction of properties that are exciting, accessible, attractive, and satisfy the needs of our residents.  

Meet three of our team members who have demonstrated dedication to our mission and diligent work ethic. We are forever thankful for them! 


Jordan Schlax – Assistant Property Manager, The Linx Club 

Jordan began working at Wimmer Communities in 2020 as a leasing consultant at The Sanctuary in New Berlin. He joined our team because he wanted to take advantage of what he learned and enjoyed the most in his previous IT and retail work experience with the fast-paced world of property management. Jordan also wanted to join Wimmer Communities because it was a new adventure.  

From his initial position, he worked his way up to Assistant Property Manager at the Linx Club at Brookfield Hills in 2023. Jordan is an integral part of our team.  He is a great leader, and consistently employs his exemplary problem-solving skills. He is dedicated to providing excellent service to our residents. 

Jordan is a people person. He truly enjoys meeting new people, and, “learning about the cool things each person has experienced,” whether they be residents or team members at Wimmer. His aptitude for creating meaningful relationships with others makes Jordan’s work truly meaningful.  

“The people I work with are some of the greatest people I have ever interacted with,” Jordan said. He just enjoys the day-to-day conversations he has with people, as well as the events that Wimmer Communities hosts throughout the year.  

At the Linx Club at Brookfield Hills, Jordan most enjoys the property’s location. He finds that the proximity to the sprawling 4,926-yard golf course is a great perk of living at the Linx Club. He also notes that the city of Brookfield has a lot to offer, being a beautiful area to explore and shop.  


Cathy Bauer – Marketing Communications Coordinator, Corporate 

Cathy began her journey at Wimmer Communities in 2010 working as an administrative assistant at The Club at Brookfield Hills. Throughout her time in this position, her responsibilities morphed, and she took on new tasks as a result of how her skillset fit the needs within the company. For example, she worked on our website relaunch in 2013, as well as our Operations Manual setup.  

Based on the rapport that Cathy built within the team, and the company’s appreciation of her skillset, she found a true love for Wimmer. This adoration for the company is strengthened by her consistent, flexible work hours.   

One of Cathy’s favorite things about working at Wimmer Communities is the people. When she worked at The Club at Brookfield Hills, she formed a lot of great relationships with her coworkers. The same thing applies to her current position at Corporate. “I look forward to going to work, in large part due to my colleagues,” Cathy said.   

The culture at Wimmer Communities is also another reason why she enjoys her job. In past jobs, Cathy dreaded going to work. But at Wimmer, she has never felt that, and is always ready to go back to work each week. “I love most everything about my work routine… the physical workspace, the great coffee machine, the camaraderie with my coworkers, and the huge variety of tasks that are a part of my particular job.”  

Cathy can often be found writing up a bid spreadsheet, drafting the next company email, or ordering décor for a new property.  


Sam Hyatt – Property Manager, Southfield 

Sam joined our team in 2018 as a leasing consultant. In 2019, he worked his way up to Assistant Property Manager, and in 2022 he was promoted to Property Manager at one of our Oak Creek communities, Southfield. Sam has brought a wealth of experience and a passion for creating exceptional living experiences to our community. He has consistently been dedicated to excellence and has a deep understanding of property management.  

Sam initially planned on joining Wimmer through our maintenance team. But, when a leasing consultant position opened at Falcon Glen, he figured that his skillset fit the requirements of that role, too. “What began as a brief interim role flourished into a rewarding career to take care of my family,” Sam detailed.  

Inclusivity is an important aspect of Wimmer Communities that Sam values. When he initially joined the team, Sam noted that his voice was clearly heard. And to this day, Sam still feels this way. Whether it is with different strategies for the ever-changing realm of property management or marketing suggestions, the leadership team always thoughtfully considers and implements his ideas.  

Being a property manager gives Sam purpose at Wimmer Communities. Sam noted that his role allows him to make an intentional and purposeful impact every day. Sam says:  

“Too often, our work gets written off as ‘customer service’. Those we encounter in Property Management are often pursuing a home, and not a ‘unit.’ Many are searching for personal connection, empathy, or someone to confide in; elements of home that are often left unexplored by the standards of customer service. When we find purpose in our work, we excel. When others see purpose in our action, our communities excel.” 


Love what you’ve heard about Wimmer Communities? Join our team today.  

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