DIY Fall Decorations for Your Apartment

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10 Simple Craft Ideas to Make Autumn Decorations in Your Apartment

We've shared summer DIY ideas. But now with summer fading and winter right around the corner, it is time to enjoy everyone’s favorite season: fall.

Fall is a great time of year—football is back, the leaves are changing to beautiful colors, our hoodies and jackets are back in fashion, and everything just seems a little cozier. One of our favorite things about fall is all the decoration potential it brings to your apartment. Buying your decorations is just fine, but we like bringing out our crafty sides and making them ourselves.

Here are some of our favorite DIY fall craft ideas to decorate your apartment.


Metallic Pumpkin from Canning Rings

These simple metallic pumpkins are great for outside or inside. If you have any extra metal lid rings for canning jars around, you can use them for this.

Simply tie the rings together tightly in the center around a cinnamon or wooden stick. Add some straw or twine for extra decoration. Feel free to leave them unfinished or paint them some of your favorite colors.

Source: Creative Moments


Fall Felt Leaf Wreath

Showcase the amazing fall colors with this simple felt leaf wreath. Head over to your local craft store to find some colorful felt and glue and maybe some textured wreath material. You can either buy a wreath or fashion one yourself. Cut out leaf shapes from the felt and glue them to your wreath to make a colorful statement in your apartment.

Source: Oh So Lovely Blog


Kid-Friendly Yarn Pumpkins

This one is simple and great for kids. Bunch your yarn together and tie a few knots to create these simple table decorations. Find a decorative bowl or box to house the mini pumpkins and display them throughout your apartment.

Source: Not Quite Susie



Leaf Stencil Mason Jar Candle Holders

Check out these cool reverse-stencil mason jar candles! Paste a leaf or leaf cutout to the outside of a mason jar and paint around it using milk paint. Remove the leaf for a perfect reverse shape on the outside of the jar. Place a candle on the inside and call it a day!

Source: Sugar Bee Crafts


Glowing Leaf Jars

Noticing more leaves on the ground around your neighborhood? Repurpose them for a fun and functional candle. You can use real leaves or silk leaves from a craft store. Find some mod podge glue and glue the leaves to the inside of the jar, let them dry, and add a small candle for a perfect fall glow.

Source: Pinterest


Easy Wooden Bowl Fall Table Centerpiece

Every table needs a great centerpiece, and this one is easy to make and screams “autumn.” Find a wooden dough bowl to serve as the base and pack it with decorative pumpkins, artificial leaves, and pinecones. Add some extra flare by spray painting the pinecones yourself.

Source: Damore 1896



Hand-Painted Wooden Cutout Pumpkins

Wooden pumpkin cutouts can be found on many popular craft store websites or on Amazon. Buy a set of them along with some fun paint colors and release your inner artist. Paint them however you’d like to represent your living space.

Source: Megan Plus Five


Miniature Planter Pot Scarecrow

Check out this fun and easy-to-make scarecrow! All you need are small terracotta pots, a little bit of twine, grass or straw, and some paint. Feel free to leave the pots their natural orange color. Fish the twine through the holes on the bottom of the pots and tie a knot to secure them from falling through, stuff the pots with some straw or grass, and paint a little face onto them. This little guy will look great on any windowsill.

Source: Hobby Lobby Projects


Cork Pumpkin Piece

Who doesn’t love a great bottle of wine? Hold onto those corks and reuse them to make a crafty pumpkin great for any table. Glue leftover corks together in a pumpkin shape and paint the ends orange. Add a green piece of felt to the top to serve as the leaves.

Source: Pinterest


Cinnamon Stick Candles

Looking to make your apartment smell even better? Simply glue or tie some cinnamon sticks to the outside of an LED candle and you’re all set.


Source: Decoist


Bring fall (and Halloween) into your apartment with these easy to make DIY fall crafts. Have any other fall favorites to show? Let us know, we absolutely love the fall season and try to make the most of it before it’s gone.

If you’re looking for fun things to do besides crafts this fall, head over to Our Favorite Fall Activities in the Milwaukee Area blog post. There are 5 great suggestions on fun activities to do around the area!


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