Designing your Apartment Style at Wimmer Communities

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Choosing how to decorate your new apartment becomes the difference in setting up a temporary place to live and creating a home. Here are several tips to consider as you begin to decorate:

  1. Have a Style in Mind

Start by choosing a theme, design style, colors or patterns that match your tastes and budget. An inspiration board can be used to help keep these ideas organized. Remember, you can utilize many of your existing décor items and still create a new look for your home. You can also get creative and use separate themes for each room, but keep in mind that certain patterns and colors may clash.

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  1. Shop Smart

While searching for décor to fill your apartment, finding great items that are inexpensive is a plus. New items can easily be found on eBay, Amazon, and Facebook Marketplace at reduced prices. You can also check the clearance section of your favorite retailers/ online stores; you may be surprised at what bargains you can find. Finally, do not be afraid to shop and decorate in stages; not only will this allow you to save up, but it will also give you time to establish a plan for how you want your apartment to look.

  1. Furniture Selection

Picking out your furniture is one of the most important aspects of decorating an apartment. Furniture size, placement, fabric choices and comfort can impact making a space welcoming. Ask your leasing staff for floor plans where estimates on measurements can be made. In some cases, they may even allow you to conduct field measurements in your future apartment home.

  1. Lighting

Lighting greatly impacts the feel of an apartment, making it warm and inviting. Floor lamps, table lights and even lightbulb choices can make or break the lighting in a room.

Smart lightbulbs are an inexpensive way to control the warmth and dynamic of a room with the ability to dim or change the light color. One suggestion to keep in mind when it comes to light brightness is that you should be able to read a book with little to no eye strain in any room.

  1. Accents and Artwork

The artwork and accents in your apartment can provide an eye-catching way to show off your unique style. There is no right or wrong way to decorate since art preference is based upon individual taste. Plants, sculptures, and personal items can also add another dimension of style and make it feel homier.

Wimmer Communities offers a variety of apartment communities and floorplans to fit everyone’s individual needs. Check out available apartment properties and start designing your new home.  

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