Date Night Ideas for Renters Staying In

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With a little creativity, date nights at home can be as meaningful as evenings spent in a five-star restaurant. In fact, there’s something special about hosting a romantic evening in sweatpants from your cozy Milwaukee apartment. Not only do you have creative control over the evening, but you will be creating meaningful memories in the hottest spot in town — home!  

Here are a few fun ideas for spicing up date night in your Wimmer Communities apartment:  

Celebrate Pizza Night with a Twist 

Pizza is the ultimate comfort food choice when staying in. However, it can be difficult to decide where to order from, especially with an abundance of offerings in Milwaukee. Therefore, turn your date night into a pizza night with a twist by ordering several pies from different pizzerias. Not only will you be surrounded by ample cheesy goodness, but you can also taste test a variety of slices to discover your favorite. To remain objective, try to refrain from discussing your preferences with your partner. Instead, write it down, and then after the meal compare notes. Whether you butt heads or align on the perfect slice, the night will be both productive and delicious. For extra fun, order beers from different local breweries and add them to the post-meal conversation.  

Have a Double Date 

While double dates are typically reserved for parties of four at a restaurant, there’s no reason why you can’t have a double date virtually. Therefore, invite your favorite couple to an online dinner party over Zoom. Be sure to light some candles, organize your apartment, and enhance the ambiance to make it feel like you’re in a stylish eatery. Then, consider a theme. Make it Italian and ask everyone to cook their favorite pasta dish or celebrate Taco Tuesday with margarita batches.  

Host a Cookoff  

Instead of binge-watching cooking shows together, take the competition into your own kitchen and host a Chopped-style cookoff. Have a third party choose a basket of ingredients, head out to purchase them, and then return home to get cooking! If sweets are more your thing, have a cupcake or cake decorating contest, and have a third party judge the aesthetic over Zoom.  

Plan a Themed Movie Night 

One of the joys of staying in on a date is the cozy feeling of cuddling up to a movie on the couch. Take your movie night to the next level by deciding on a theme you and your partner will love. Make it a Bond night and watch your favorite James Bond movies back-to-back. Or watch movies based on your favorite books. For the superhero fans out there, host a Marvel marathon. To go above and beyond, pair your drink and food choices with the theme of the evening. For example, elevate your Harry Potter marathon with these delectable bites inspired by the series.  

To prepare your apartment for date night, adopt these tips to make it extra cozy. If you’re on the hunt for a new home in Milwaukee, reach out to the Wimmer team today. We would be happy to answer any questions you have and guide you on a virtual tour. 

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