9 Ways to Make Your Apartment Radiate Holiday Cheer this Winter Season

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The holiday season is upon us, and it’s the perfect time to infuse your apartment with festive cheer and warmth. Whether you’re a seasoned decorator or new to the craft, we’re here to help you out. Here are nine ways to elevate your apartment’s ambiance throughout the holiday season.  


Decorate with holiday colors 

Christmas would not be Christmas without a green tree with red and gold accents. Hanukkah would not be itself without blue and white decor. Kwanzaa would not be Kwanzaa without the green, red and black kinara. These colors shape our understanding of seasonal holidays and can be used to make a home feel more festive. Integrate any of these holiday colors into the décor of your home as you deem fit to celebrate your way! If you do not celebrate a holiday but still want to get in on the fun, decorate with the color white, which is resemblant of the snow that covers the ground.  


Big, fluffy, cozy blankets 

There is nothing like being wrapped up, all warm and comfortable, in a blanket inside while the snow swirls outside. A warm blanket can help you accomplish just this while also a great decoration. Use blankets that use holiday colors, have holiday patterns, or simply ones that bring you the most joy during the cold season. Either drape these throws over your couch or place them in a woven basket for a luxe yet relaxed feeling.   


Holiday scents 

The smell of your favorite holiday scent and warmth of a flickering candle is sure to bring you all of the comfort during the season. Candles provide not only a great scent to fill the air, but also act as a great centerpiece on a coffee or dining table. Surround the candle (but not too close!) with other seasonal décor such as pinecones or fir. Alternatives to candles include essential oil diffusers or diffusers that plug into the walls. If you are sensitive to smells, try out flameless candles which will still cozy up your home. 


Hot beverage station 

Cider, hot cocoa and tea – oh my! Fill your hearts (and stomachs) with warmth with a hot beverage station! This can be done by your coffee maker. Deck out your counter with festive mason jars that hold cider, hot cocoa and tea packets. Provide ample add-ons such as cinnamon or peppermint sticks, cinnamon powder, liquid flavorings (peppermint, caramel, vanilla, etc.) and marshmallows! You can then surround the area with classic holiday décor.  


Switch up your artwork 

Remove your fall imagery from your walls and swap it with artwork that displays the holiday season! Change pictures of jack-o’-lanterns to snowmen. Display photos of a snow-covered cabin and put away the haunted house imagery you have up. Switching out these photos will provide you with a more enriching holiday experience. 


Use warm lighting  

Use warmer lighting to mimic the glow of a fireplace in your home. To do this, you can use candles – either real or battery-powered, as aforementioned – or switch out the bulbs you have now to warmer hues. Warm lights are more soft than cool lights, providing a glow throughout your home.   


Decorate your mantle 

If you live in a Wimmer Community that has a fireplace, make sure to decorate it this holiday season! A fireplace can be the central hub of your home, bringing people together to get warm and converse. You might as well make it a statement piece with all the attention it is going to get! Adorn the mantle with a garland and all of your family holiday heirlooms. Near the hearth, decorate it with tree logs and some other décor sure to bring winter cheer.   


Accessorize with pillows 

Nothing says “comfy and cozy” like both cozy blankets and pillows scattered throughout your apartment! Use pillows throughout your living room, bedroom and even dining room seats to provide ultra comfort throughout the season. Pillows with cable knit designs are reminiscent of thick sweaters we adorn ourselves with to stay warm through the holiday season. Pillow covers with more literal holiday imagery, such as Christmas trees, Hanukkah dreidels or a Kwanzaa kinara, will also fill you with festive feelings. Single-color pillows can also be used to disperse holiday cheer throughout your home. These cushy squares also bode well as cushions and headrests for impromptu holiday movie watching.  


Bake some holiday goodies and put them on display 

The holidays are always a great time to bake delicious desserts and pastries, which further brings you into the festive spirit! Bake Christmas cookies, fry Hanukkah sufganiyot or make Kwanzaa cala and display them with pride throughout the holiday season. And make sure to eat them, too!   


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