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7 Signs It’s Winter in Wisconsin

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The season of holidays, beautiful snow scenery, warm fires and hot cocoa, and joy.

Also the season of below zero temperatures, blizzards that make it nearly impossible to go anywhere, snow piles so huge you have to dig your car out, and questioning your sanity when you made the decision to live in Wisconsin.

If you’ve lived in Wisconsin for at least one Winter, you can probably relate to these seven things.

1. You question why you live where the air hurts your face. Then you remember that all the "nice, warm, sunny" places have their issues too.

2. The packers aren’t the only ones with a lineup.

3. You’re envious of southern states that close down for an inch of snow. In WI, it blizzards and you still have to go to school or work.

4. You debate between risking your car getting stolen from starting it and going back inside and spending half your drive as an icicle.

5. When you hear a blizzard is coming, you stock up on the essentials: cheese, sausage, and beer.

6. Yards are full of all kinds of cool snow art

7. You prepare yourself for anything and everything…you never know what’s about to go down

But hey, while you’re in Wisconsin, we’ve got you covered here at Wimmer Communities! Available at some of our properties: Attached garages, in-unit fireplaces, hot coffee (or tea or cocoa) bar, heat and warm water paid for, state-of-the-art climate control system with individual thermostats, and gorgeous winter scenery!

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