5 Ways to Organize Your Apartment and Your Life

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Home Improvement
When we’re feeling overwhelmed within our heads and homes, a reset may be in order. Oftentimes, when your apartment is organized, it frees up space in your brain to then organize other aspects of your life. Alternatively, when you’re feeling balanced mentally, tackling home projects may feel less daunting.
The trickiest step is figuring out where to start. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of five tasks that will make your home, head, and heart happy.
Declutter Your Brain
If you’re swimming in thoughts and are having trouble processing, journaling may be the answer. When you write those stressors swirling in your head down, you can separate issues and prioritize what should be solved first. If you’re tackling one complex issue, you can break it down, ask yourself questions, and come back to it after a break.
Sort Your Clothing
Go through your drawers and closets. Ask yourself if you actually wear that shirt or that pair of sandals. Make piles of frequently used items, rarely used items, and items that can definitely be discarded or donated. Then, enjoy the task of putting them back into useful order, so you always know exactly where to find your favorite things.
Plan Your Meals
Cooking at home becomes much easier when you have a plan for each meal. Prepare a meal plan using a worksheet. You might want to take inventory of the food in your kitchen first, so you can make good use of what you already have to save money and benefit the environment.
Organize Your Mail
Do you have a messy pile of envelopes, magazines, and newspapers sitting on your counter? It only takes a few minutes to go through the collection, recycle the items you don't need, and refresh your memory on things you want to keep. When you're finished, you may be motivated to pay a few bills and then balance your checkbook!
Make a To-Do List
What do you want to accomplish in the next week? Make a list of whatever comes to mind — grocery shopping, window washing, buying a house plant, calling your mother, taking a walk, or watching a particular movie. The next time you find yourself staring blankly into space, you can consult your list and enjoy the satisfaction of crossing off another task.
Are you motivated to organize your apartment home at Wimmer Communities? Maybe you want to test out some new cleaning tips. If you have questions about any of our communities, please feel free to contact us today to arrange a tour.
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