5 Tips To Converting Your Milwaukee Apartment To A Home Office

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People are working from home now more than ever before, and experts believe the trend may outlive the pandemic. According to an online survey by LiveCareer, 29% of working professionals say they would quit their jobs if they couldn’t continue working remotely. 

Whether working from home is a temporary situation or a professional reality, living and working in the same space brings unique challenges – and we’ve got creative solutions to help you convert your Wimmer Communities apartments to a home office! 


Probably the biggest decision of all is where to work. Make the most of your apartment floor plan by finding the right space to set up shopLook around with fresh eyes. Do you have a snack bar that could be utilized as a standing desk? Do you have room behind your couch for a sofa table, which could serve as your workspace? Is there an unused corner that could accommodate a corner table, underutilized entry space, or maybe a nook where you could set up a small deskDepending on your requirements, you might even be able to work from a lift-top coffee table that serves as your desk by day, and as a comfortable place for your feet, the remote control, and a beverage of your choice in the evening. 


Virtual meetings have become the norm and as much as you may like your coworkers, they probably don’t need to see your Star Wars bedsheets or the empty beer bottles and pizza box waiting to be taken to the trash shootSet up your virtual meeting space while being mindful of what appears over your shoulderSome of the most suitable backgrounds are bookshelves, artwork, or even an empty wall. Avoid windows where light streaming in might cause the video camera to distort your image. For best results, ask a friend to critique your appearance during a practice call. Make note of the best camera height and angle so that your entire face appears in the approximate center of the screen. 


Not everyone has the luxury of turning an empty room into a workspace. But you may be able to create a temporary partition to define your workspace within a larger room. Free-standing privacy screens are available to suit any style and budget. Hanging partitions are lightweight and hang from ceiling hooks, just like a hanging plant. There are tons of ideas online to help you brainstorm your unique space.


Just because you are “at work” in your home, doesn’t mean everyone in your apartment is “at work.” Home distractions are the most significant challenge for remote employees, according to the LiveCareer survey. Roommates, family members, and pets can distract you from work, but so can housework, the television, and texting. Wear noise-canceling headphonesuse a white noise machine and/or close the door (if you have that luxury) during times of great concentration to help you focus. If you have children or rambunctious pets at home, plan ahead for virtual meetings to ensure a peaceful atmosphere for yourself and your coworkers. 


The LiveCareer survey found that 32% of respondents felt the most significant challenge for remote employees is unplugging after work. When you work at home you never really leave the office, and you can be tempted to work around the clock. Self-discipline is the key to separating your work life from, well, from your LIFE. Start by setting your work hours. After work hours, close your laptop or shut down your desktop, turn off all notifications and exercise the self-discipline to stop checking email. Go for a walk in your apartment community or at a nearby park. After work is a great time to take advantage of the amenities in your community, such as the fitness room or swimming pool. When you return to your apartment, remember that you are home from work – RELAX! 

Wimmer Communities haso many options to help you simplify and enjoy working from home. We offer a wide variety of community locations in suburban Milwaukee with a plethora of spacious floor plans (some with den!). Many of our communities feature beautiful clubhouses with high-speed WIFI and coffee when you need a little break. We have tons of private and community outdoor space options for those warm sunny days to come, including balconies, decks, walking trails, and park-like settings. Imagine working on your laptop while looking over a beautiful golf course or swimming pool, a wooded creek, a large pond with a fountain, or even Pewaukee Lake! Wimmer Communities puts the home in “working from home.”