4 Things to Know About Renting Near Milwaukee

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Milwaukee Living

Milwaukee is a city known for its rich heritage and diverse culture. A beautiful location and ease of transportation has resulted in its recent explosion of growth as new residents discover the greater Milwaukee suburbs. Areas like Oak Creek, Franklin, and New Berlin offer desirable living (including our luxury Wimmer Communities apartments) in safe neighborhoods, all within minutes of vibrant Milwaukee. Here are just some of the reasons that people are renting near Milwaukee.

Easy Crosstown Commutes

A recent study shows that Milwaukee commutes are much shorter and easier than in most major American metropolitan areas. Nearby Chicago commuters have an average daily drive time of over 69 minutes, whereas people commuting from the Milwaukee suburbs into the city center spend less than 45 minutes per day in their vehicles.

Boundless Outdoor Recreation

Milwaukee is home to more than 140 outdoor parks covering over 15,000 acres of land. Beautiful wooded areas, botanical gardens, golf courses, and hiking trails can be found in most of the suburbs in the greater Milwaukee area.

A City For All Seasons

Milwaukee has a temperate climate made up of four distinct seasons. Mild springs and summers give way to breathtakingly gorgeous autumns, with striking pops of orange and red leaves cascading through Milwaukee's tree-lined streets. Winter in Milwaukee sees steady snowfall but is insulated against the extreme cold found in more rural Wisconsin areas due to the lake effect from Lake Michigan.

Attractive and Affordable Housing

The cost of renting or buying a home in the Milwaukee suburbs has long been affordable, with housing readily available and new homes and apartment buildings popping up regularly. Data has shown Milwaukee housing to be 79% less expensive than its neighbor Chicago, and 228% less expensive than a growing city like Denver.

Whether you're attracted to the great outdoors or the ease of living, renting near Milwaukee has much to offer for less than the cost of other major cities. At Wimmer Communities, we take pride in the design and locations of our suburban properties. We provide high-quality living at an affordable price. 

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