3 Ways To Make Your Apartment Extra Cozy

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Home Improvement

One of our favorite aspects of the chilly season is using it as an opportunity to embrace all things cozy. There’s nothing quite like creating your own comfort zone complete with nostalgic scents and heart-warming décor. To help you get started, we’ve rounded up a few elements that will add even more comfort to your Wimmer apartment.


Nothing triggers a sense of comfort quite like your nose. You have a variety of options when it comes to spreading your favorite scents around your apartment. One option is to purchase essential oils. To enjoy these oils, you will need a diffusor. You can blend different scents together to create classic fall scents. For example, cardamom, clove, cassia, and ginger will smell like spiced chai.


Another way to level up the cozy feel is with comforting sounds. Of course, music can go a long way when setting a mood. We recommend creating a cozy fall playlist on Spotify and setting up Bluetooth speakers throughout your apartment. For nostalgic feels, treat yourself to a record player and start collecting vintage records. Not only will you love the music, but you’ll feel joy as you pull a vinyl out of a sleeve and lay down the stylus.


To ensure ultimate comfort, it’s important to surround yourself with all things soft. Therefore, the first order of business is finding the perfect fall blanket. To go above and beyond, create a blanket basket with cozy blankets rolled up and ready to be enjoyed by family and friends. Once your blankets are sorted, complement their feel with a new favorite fall sweater. Or, if you’re feeling ambitious, learn how to knit your own.

Are you looking for even more ways to make your apartment cozy? Fall recipes will complement your aesthetic. Have you tried turducken yet? Check out our blog to learn all about this famous dish and how to make it in your Wimmer apartment. Or contact us today if you have any questions or would like to learn more about Wimmer Communities.