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3 Alternative Uses for Dryer Sheets

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Home Improvement

If you love the fresh scent of dryer sheets, you’ll be happy to know this handy household item can be utilized beyond the laundry room. From removing dust to picking up pet hair, these ingenious uses will simplify your cleaning routine.


Wipe Away Pet Hair

Furry family members bring us immense joy, and with that comes ample pet hair that clings to surfaces. Luckily, You can easily wipe away residue with dryer sheets. The adhesive in lint rollers doesn’t always catch these stubborn hairs but the friction in dryer sheets will do the trick. Plus, you can enjoy the fresh scent of lavender as you tidy up after your four-legged friends.


Clean Your Devices 

Screens are often difficult to clean as water damage and scratches are often at the forefront of our worries. Dryer sheets are smooth, dry, and effective and will remove fingerprints, snack residue, and any other mess. Keep a stack in your desk drawer for seamless wiping whenever you need it.


Dust Surfaces

Dryer sheets prevent clothing from gathering lint, attracting particles so they don’t stick to surfaces. Therefore, they can be utilized when attempting to gather dust from other areas. Pull out a fresh sheet and wipe down counters, crevices, and other dusty areas of the home. When targeting ceiling fans, attach a dryer sheet to a paint roller with rubber bands and drag it along the top to get rid of pesky particles.


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